Nature Prescriptions

Nature has many remedies and leading research scientist Danica-Lea has put together the nature stress kit to help you reconnect with nature and lead a healthier lifestyle.  A boxed card kit and an ebook (plus hardcover book) are available  at

Botanical Art

Botanical Greeting Cards, (designs displayed in the portfolio gallery) are digitally printed from her pencil/watercolour drawings. They are printed on a satisfyingly heavy paper with a smooth, satin finish. The insides are unlaminated, to make them easier to write on. The paper is 10% recycled post-consumer fibre, and is acid and elemental chlorine free. Each card is sealed in a glossy cello envelope and comes with a Kraft environmentally recycled envelope

Reconnection to Nature

Flower Friday Project - every Friday when possible, Danica-Lea chooses an institution such as a home for the elderly, a hospice, homeless shelter, women's' refuge centre or a hospital and give out free flowers. This brings joy, hope and reconnects people with nature (as well as brings a tear to her eyes). Many of these institutions are located in the inner city and do not have a garden. Older people especially, really miss their gardens.

Danica-Lea is also investigating a ParksBus intiative that will service the national parks of Western Australia in summer.

An educational book on biodiversity and health is in progress.

Nature as Therapy

Through the ages we have lost important microbial diversity and have become increasingly disconnected from nature.  Nature has been proven to relieve stress and bring harmony back into our stressful city lives.  When we spend time in nature, our bodies rebalance and reset so that we sleep better, and therefore mentally function better at work and with our friends and family.  Having nature around us, such as indoor plants, helps to stabilise the microbial indoor environment and prevent ill health.

Danica-Lea has completed her PhD on biodiversity and human health.  Her academic publications can be found on the Portfolio page.

lady on bed in nature mediums size

Next Steps...

The importance of nature in building design and planning of cities cannot be underestimated. Equally important is keeping oneself connected to nature, particularly if living in a high-rise apartment building or working in a high-rise office building.  Lobby your employer for some indoor plants!